Free Beaches in Umm al quwain

Aside from modern designs and architectures, Dubai is also famous by its beaches. Some of them are private beaches and affiliated with hotels so you need to pay some fees. However, there are also beaches that you can enjoy at no cost – for free – with lifeguard ready for safety, clean sand, showers and changing rooms, Motorcycle rental jacksonville.

Jumeirah Beach Park
Jumeirah Beach Park is one of the most famous beaches in Dubai and is awarded with Blue Flag certification which means that the area is imposing strict rules and following international standards. JBP is very ideal for family picnic, children’s playground, barbecue party, reunions and other occasions, Motorcycle rental jacksonville.

Umm Suqeim Beach
If you want a perfect view of Burj Al Arab Dubai while watching the sunset, Umm Suqeim Beach is for you. It is a popular destination for kitesurfers. The place has huts and shower facilities and very popular to Jumeirah residents and Western expats and tourists. It is open 24/7. There are some food stalls but very few so it is recommended to bring your snacks and drinks (just be mindful to throw your garbage properly). Umm Suqeim Beach is very accessible and only 10 miles away from downtown Dubai and other Motorcycle rental jacksonville.

JBR Open Beach
JBR Open Beach is the original public beach in Dubai. It is formerly known as Russian beach because of its popularity among Russian tourists. Its long coast of white sand has been modified with 1.8 km running track - making it so convenient for people who love to jog, Motorcycle rental jacksonville,showers and toilets. There are alos 24-hour stores for everything you might need like food and drinks. It is best to visit JBR on weekdays because it gets crowded during the weekends. JBR is located just past Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Palm Strip Mall.

Kite Beach (Wollongong Beach)
Like the Umm Suqeim Beach, it has a very nice view of Burj Al Arab Dubai. It is a favorite place of kite surfers, kayakers, soccer and volleyball players who go here to enjoy the warm sea water. It is also know as Wollongong beach because it is located just at the back of University of Wollongong is Motorcycle rental jacksonville.

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