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Dubai and see the Beauty of the Middle East

It is always fun to ride a motorcycle in the UAE, that’s why UAE is always on the list of ‘places to visit’ of bikers from Europe, America, Africa and even Asia especially during the Winter season other Dubai Motorcycle Track.

With our tour packages, we bring the bikers to the places they will surely love to visit. There are the breath-taking desert landscapes. Picture-perfect for bikers who love to take photos of the places they’ve visited. We also have tours visiting the amazing Hatta mountains, beautiful Fujairah coastline, some of UAE’s iconic structures such as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab and UAE’s cultural heritage sites where you will learn some historical facts about the ancient local Emiratis’ living.

Dubai’s old souks (market) is also a place for a stopover. This place will bring you 2000 years back in time – a place where you will see old-style stalls selling gold, textiles and spices, and a place where you will experience an ancient way of water transport with the boat called Abra that costs only 1 dirham ($.30) per ride. It’s like you are riding a motorcycle along Dubai’s modern city-life in a perfect Friday morning then after a few hours, you find yourself gazing and walking along the ancient streets of Dubai and its old souks – sounds like a time travel in a day!

United Arab Emirates is also a place where great international cuisines can be found. Restaurants are everywhere and each has its own varieties of foods to offer – Arabic, Indian, Italian, French, American, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese etc. Surely, you will never miss the taste of your homeland’s delicacies whenever you’re in UAE.

It is also a place where you don’t need to worry as much about the crimes because of strict penalties and security that are being implemented by the UAE government. This is to make sure that peace and order are being observed at all times not only for the sake of its citizens but for the visitors of the country as well. You will also be able to meet great people of different nationalities – Arabs, Europeans, Asians, Indians, Americans and Africans, that however having different cultures, they live­­ harmoniously and create a community within a country that respects one’s belief and tradition.

UAE has a lot to offer and clearly a great place for people from different parts of the world seeking relaxation and adventure as well, and we want you to discover everything mentioned above on a whole new level…on motorcycle!

Discover Dubai and Discover United Arab Emirates with Prestige Motorcycle Tours and Rentals.

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